My, How They’ve Grown

For the first time in months I find myself with some quiet time alone.  I can actually think and maybe, possibly, pause and reflect–or I would if I haven’t gotten out of practice.

We have entered a new stage in our lives.  The kids no longer need 12 hours of sleep each (they used to and it was only recently that Rachel cut back to 9-10).  This wouldn’t be an issue but it means I suddenly am spending a lot more time with my kids, time that used to be my “thinky-brain” time.  Add into this equation that our children have a passionate love for being with us and with Daddy’s computer–the only computer in the house capable of running the games they want to play and the Netflix download play they rely on.  In other words, while Shamus has been sleeping random hours and thus getting time alone when he is awake at odd hours of the night, my alone time with my computer and my drawing desk is sorely lacking and so, instead of writing or photoshopping or designing or even painting, I have been escaping to my bedroom to read, read, read.  It’s a good thing I got that load of books at the library sale.

When I am not reading I am spending a lot of time with my kids.  They have grown, oh how they have grown.  Suddenly I have two maturing young women on my hands whose interests run nearly parallel with mine and my husband’s.

Rachel is spending non-Daddy’s computer time using Scratch to make short movies and minigames for her siblings.  She has friends from her grandma’s church whom she now calls and talks to (they are siblings and one of them is  a boy–gack.)

She spends time reading, listening to audio books, in the woods at the pond–taking along a backpack full of stuff just like I once did, designing clothes for her Barbies, designing this years Halloween costume, inventing, and playing online on her EeePC.

When she gets her space of time on Daddy’s computer she plays Wizards101-her new “thing”, Champions Online, or watches “As Time Goes By”  which she is watching straight through from the first episode of the first season.

She has also discovered that she can now earn money by doing work around the house and doing it well and so has been spending lots of time working through lists of money earning chores in order to save up for birthday gifts and a doll she wants.

Esther is so passionately entranced by Champion’s Online that she spends most of her spare time watching Daddy play and asking questions.  She is almost always in the office these days, either watching or wanting to play herself.  I mean what more could a comic book reading and drawing, super hero loving, little girl want.

Essie by Rachel

Champion’s Online has an excellent character creator that lets you make pretty much whatever you want (within reason) AND you get to pick your powers and do awesome things like fly or swing in like Spidey and karate chop your enemies the Qul’ar (which just happen to be very weak aliens that have taken over the city).

And now she has discovered Wizards101 (which only works on Daddy’s computer as the rest are too slow) so Daddy’s office is the place to be.

While she is waiting for her turn on Daddy’s computer she works on her game programming projects on Scratch or attempts to solve Daddy’s Rubic’s Cube (he is teaching her all the tricks) or works on base number systems.

And Issac has developed a sense of self.  My little boy who was too embarrassed to do anything or go anywhere, even 100 feet away from an adult or his sisters,  alone  is now independent.
Issac running alone.
He makes his own lunch to take with him to Pappap’s where he is the new helper now that James is growing up.
Issac starting a fire
And when he is not at the pond helping he is there learning how to build his own camp fire from the bottom up– even when it has rained, helping us collect chestnuts to roast in the forge as it gets hot enough to work metal,

watches James work metal and asks lots of questions, builds lean-to’s in the woods with his sisters, or hangs out in his room building all sorts of things with his Legos (and Bionicles), Snap Circuit Kits, K’nex, and wooden puzzle train set–usually all at the same time judging from the state of his room.

And so here we are, entering a rather suddenly cold fall and discovering all sorts of new interests and things to do. And yes, we ARE going to get another computer soon, why do you ask?