Fall our way

Fall here in Western PA easily matches that of New England (which we heard all about when we moved to Massachusetts and then were shocked to realize looked EXACTLY the same as here). Here is a short 360 degrees that I took while helping James and Esther working at the forge. My poor little digital camera is not a video camera and the sound quality is BAD and I am not even talking about the video so go ahead and turn the sound DOWN. The sounds there are Esther hammering and James talking and blowing on the fire to make it hotter (his blower burnt out and needed fixed at the time.)  Oh, and Issac is blowing on a fire that he has started in the fire bit all by himself.  And I believe Rachel is up in the cottage helping Pappap with some project. The leaves are now falling to the ground rather alarmingly fast.  And so, this is our life.

Fall at the Pond from Heather Young on Vimeo.