For Nick and Mel (and whoever else is interested)

This is mostly for my brother and sister-in-law who sent the kids some awesome gifts, apparently, according to the kids “the best gifts ever”.  Because tomorrow is likely to be busier and I wanted the kids to not be bored have time to enjoy their gifts without being overwhelmed I allowed each of them to open one of the presents my brother and his wife sent them (Rach has one more but it’s not really something that will keep her entertained today so we will wait on that one.)  I then took photos of each of them as they opened those gifts.

First came Rachel:

*Note: Because of memory loss issues due to the seizures she has certain recollections that are only partial.  One of them is about owning this game (the original version) which she remembers loving but lost pieces to and therefore had to get rid of prior to the seizures.  This year as bits and pieces of memory return she has been obsessed with collecting old things that trigger memories.  This is one of those things.  These photos were followed by a multi-round intense game  with her brother.  She has been going on about the merits of the for once new and improved version that really is new and improved since then.

Then came Esther:

Esther is obsessed with super heroes and video games and has spent a lot of recent time playing Daddy’s Champions Online game. She has been wanting something more age appropriate for the Wii for some time. And she got it. You cannot hear the shout of “Yes” and fist in the air that accompanied the revelation. (Or the sounds of her playing it once it the wrapping paper was out of the way.)

And finally Issac:

Issac loves all things building, especially if they have electric and batteries. And he loves things that move. He has lots of Snap Circuits and this was the thing he really wanted (other than other things that he is actually getting from the grands and us). He was so excited that despite the decent natural daylight I could not get a shot of him other than blur. And now we are heading out to stock up on more batteries because there are not enough in the house for this thing.

And yes, it is a blur but you can just see the excitement on his face amidst the motion.

And finally, below is a slideshow of the rest of the photos of joy when the kids opened their presents, plus the Christmas photos I managed to snap.