Randomly Enough

The prayer request still applies– especially in terms of health and money though God is providing in amazing and wonderful ways but I am tired of thinking about it and so am  doing a random stuff post.

  • Today I went to get dressed and realized that I had no clothes to wear, no clean clothes that I actually want to wear at least.  I guess that means it is time to get caught up on laundry.
  • This spring has been very up and down as far as the RA goes.  Stupid weather.
  • Rach and I have been on a 1920’s- 1940’s mystery kick.  It is a good thing that Netflix has lots  of Agatha Christie, Campion, and Inspector Alleyn movies on download play.  Not only is this great for learning daily life/culture history but it is REALLY helping Rachel with her observation skills.  That, as my friend Ame would say, is HUGE.
  • Kids are on a Starcraft and Professor Fizzwizzle kick.  Starcraft is great for strategy and economy and problem solving, and Professor Fizzwizzle is a great for problem solving and designing.  (You can play the original Professor Fizzwizzle online for free and you can watch TONS of Starcraft games with commentary on Youtube– the Japanese treat it as a sport you see.)
  • Esther has been reading the Warrior’s series and Rach has been reading Nancy Drew Notebooks (she prefers reading short books and short stories at this point though I am just glad that she enjoys reading.)  Issac is into the 100 Cupboards series (I am reading it aloud to him).  I am rereading all the Agatha Christie books and would be reading the Campion books if our library HAD ANY (they think they do but none of them are on the shelves even though most have never been checked out– hmmm.)
  • Yesterday, while the kids and I were watching the Dick van Dyck Show (which the kids think is hilarious!) a spider (we are overrun with these yellowish/clear jumping spiders) climbed my water bottle, sat on the lip for some time, then crawled inside for a bit.  He finally came out and when I went to move the bottle to remove him quickly jumped away. The kids and I believe he had aspirations to be the itsy bitsy spider but instead got himself smashed.  And now I am afraid to take a drink from my bottle without checking it each time, which is rather distracting.
  • Shamus is still working 60 hour weeks and only getting paid for a portion of that time.  It is very discouraging.
  • We are up in the air about what is happening with our mortgage etc.  but God is providing for everythign else as we need it, even the taxes.  God is good.
  • The kids and I have been on a ACEO spree.  I chopped up some old watercolor paper into 2.5″ by 3.5″ cards and every time we sit down to listen to the Bible or whatever someone grabs a card and starts drawing and painting.  The results have been very fun.  I have to photograph the kids’ ACEO’s yet but they want me to put a few up for sale on Etsy.  2 of mine are already up there: Dragon’s Day Off and Paintbrush.
  • The nice weather (in between cold and rainy days) has led to Rachel wanting to mow the lawn and Esther wanting to start her garden and Issac riding his too small bike.  He has a bigger one but it is heavy and he is nervous of it.
  • Not using my camera much because it has dust on the lens is really irritating to use.  I have used my dad’s camera while visiting him at the pond but haven’t gotten the photos off yet.  A new camera is one the many items on our “if we ever get paid we need to buy” list.