A Bend in the Road

We are entering a new stage in our life.  Up until now we have very deliberately avoided multiple external engagements.  Since we are home all the time we try to live loosely, avoiding things that insist on our time.  However, we have now, to borrow from Anne, come to a bend in the road that we can’t quite see around but since God is involved and giving us peace we know that this is a good bend and at the very least will be interesting.
Carnegie Science Center
Recently we have made several observations.  One major one involves Esther who, it has suddenly occurred to us, loves the stage.  And when I say loves the stage I mean she adores all of the performing arts and especially being in front of a crowd.  The thing about that is that she didn’t know there was anything special about the fact that when at VBS and everyone is embarrassed at having to do very silly movements and sing an even sillier song in front everyone she happily puts her whole heart it into it, belting out the words and doing the actions perfectly.  And there are many other similar moments that we finally put together before we asked her if studying the performing arts or trying out for a play would be something she would be interested in.  She was surprised that there was even something like that out there available to her.  But she also hates being busy and likes to spend lots of time reading and with her siblings so we decided to have her attend a one week, morning only camp where they will be writing a story and lyrics for a musical, and learning basic dancing, acting, and singing to see whether she would really like to continue and if she has the talent to do it.  This will mean waking early each morning for our sleep in till noon child and me spending my mornings taking her to and from the lessons.
Carnegie Science Center
Another revelation and potential change is that our 12 year old has been watching what God is doing in her life, exploring the desires He has given her, and decided to try out some and see what she finds out.  First off is piano.  She passionately wants to learn piano and has taught herself some of the basics, enough that she feels she needs someone who knows better than I to encourage her forward.  And so she has asked the daughter of a friend of mine who plays beautifully to help her learn.  And we have decided that if she proves that she will follow through  and if God provides the money then she can take lessons in the fall when our friend goes back to college.
Next is that she wants a job (babysitting), or two (delivering newspapers).  Now it is pretty tricky for a 12 year old girl to find a job but she has two leads as of this morning.  A friend of mine (another daughter of the same friend) delivers newspapers–lots of them, and knows the manager so said she would ask about local to us routes.  She also has two boys Esther and Issac’s age and offered right off to have Rachel stay with them while she is out delivering papers.  Of course this means more driving on my part (I like driving but not constantly and I have taken on more work projects and would prefer to be home working by my hubby.)
A friend, who has kids who have always gone and gone and gone gave me some pointers, especially since both activities are in the same general location which means I can take some of her suggestions for things to do while I wait, and I always have a book and not enough time to read it, so that is something else.  But it is interesting to watch them grow and change and finally solidify some of their desires, or at least find ways to test them to see if that is really what they want.