I believe all the craziness might possibly be over for the time being.  I can finally slow down and relax.

My brother’s graduation party and the visit with my other brother and his wife are over.  It went well though it was hot, hot, hot outside.  We are talking absolutely melting.

Esther’s performing arts camp is over.  She loved it, did well with the final performance (which I will share if I can figure out how to deal with the movie transfer).  We have found that it was “fun” for her but definitely not a passion.  She loved every minute, wants to do it again, but didn’t spend all her time practicing, memorizing lines, etc.  Getting her to tell us about what she liked and didn’t like is like pulling teeth.  It isn’t that she doesn’t want to talk about it, she has just already moved on to the next thing (mostly relaxing and reading lots of books now that the chaos is over.)  When asked if she wants to be in the the next musical she said absolutely yes, knowing all the work it takes. So, we will see where this takes us.

Rachel’s piano lessons are going well.  She loves it and we found out that the new best friend Essie made at camp has a mother who teaches piano and has openings for the fall.  So, when Des goes back to school Rach will start taking “real” lessons (as in cost an exorbitant amount of money for a half hour lesson.)  Oh and Rach has now indicated that she wants to be called Ray.  Si in the future when I say Ray I mean our eldest.  If only I could remember to call her that.

So now, as we recover from all the busy-ness, I am spending lots of time reading (mostly James’ graduation presents that I have yet to give him because I intend to read them all first since we share books anyway.)  I want to review all of them, so far they are awesome.  In the meantime the kids and I are compiling a list of homeschooler/unschooler friendly books over at the Facebook Christian Unschooler page.  Eventually we will put on the CU site but this is good for now.

I have had tons of posts floating around my head but no time to write and even now my brain has lost all the posts in just trying to get a little bit organized.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  We are getting to that place where we are looking forward to school starting so we can go to all the cool places we like and not deal with crowds.

I am also working on my big art project that we want to publish in the fall.  Most of the work is currently in my head, because that is how I work.

We are also purging the house of stuff everyone has outgrown.  I have a HUGE bushel of shoes for the thrift shop–the kids grew out of all the shoes I got them last month.  Sigh.  I have a brand new, worn once, pair of size 1.5 black boys high top shoes that I really hope bless some kid because my boy suddenly wears a 2.5/3.

The kids and I are also preparing for a trip east and then south to visit friends in Eastern PA and then Virginia.  If you live in Eastern PA or Virginia and want a visit let me know and we can see if we can hook up.