Busy busy-ness

I am still here and still planning on writing the second part of the previous post, not to mention other posts in my head and several book reviews I really want to write because I have read some AWESOME books this summer.  I also want to tell you about the awesome birthday gifts we got last week (Shamus b-day is the 24th and mine is the 20th.)  And several other wonderful blessings we have had, lots of God stuff, and lots of surprise learning opportunities.

Esther. Outside for some unknown reason.

However, we are finally finishing up the crazy-ness that is summer here in our household with a final doctors appointment for my grandmother then eye doctor appointments for all (we believe that Shamus and I need new glasses and that Rach is going to need glasses.  And then, with the rest of the world back to school and doing their busy stuff in the evenings we can settle down and do the stuff we like to do while others are in school and just be involved in what we actually want to be involved in (which at this point I think means Essie is going to be in Oliver! and Rach is taking piano lessons.)

Have I mentioned that my oldest suddenly grew up this summer? Yes, she is 12 and a half. My goodness.

This summer has meant several new friends as well as seeing old friends for each of our children as well as myself, which is an answer to prayer.  It also has been full.   Very full.  And I though I am grateful for it I also want it to slow down for a while so we can settle down and rest.  And now I have to run because I have work to do and then take Grandma to the doctor.