Where we are:

* We are getting used to our much busier schedule:

Essie and friend
Essie waiting for Rachel to finish her piano lesson.

* We are 1 day from my baby turning 9!
almost 9
almost 9
* We are nearly done with the painting project (okay, that was a royal we there).  I have photos for the rest of the characters, and the only reason I am not painting them today is that I ate half a piece of pizza last night at the birthday party my dad’s wife’s parents held for her and Issac’s birthdays.  Tomato sauce always sets off the rheumatoid in my hands.  Ow.
* We are apparently being attacked by Batman.
Batman and Issac
Lightsaber and Nerf Gun battles
Lightsaber and Nerf Gun battles
and Nerf Guns
Lightsaber and Nerf Gun battles
* We are kind of odd and rather tired.
* We are enjoying the fall weather and colors.
Western PA fall colors
Especially while driving to Essie’s practice (the reason she is so tired: 2.5 hours each Sunday practicing singing and marching about with no break is a bit much for her) and to get milk here:
Broadrun Farms
* And finally, we are in a state of flux.

First, I suggest you go read my husband’s explanation— it is one of the reasons I haven’t been writing much as we were in a place where we weren’t sharing what was going on until we had peace about it.  This is something we have been praying about for a while– we knew things could not go on as they have been (no man with a family can stay healthy and keep a healthy family life while working 60 to 80 hours a week.)  We do have a little money put away though the mortgage is another whole story that I am not discussing right now, though prayers are appreciated.

We have peace about the situation and know that God has a plan for this time (and are just praying that hubby have wisdom regarding which of the many projects he has going to work on and how to go about monetizing them.) If you didn’t go read my husband’s explanation then let me just say we no longer have a regular income.  We have income of the random, who knows when and how much, sort.  All I can say is that God is providing.  And we are looking forward to seeing around the next bend in the road because there are so many possibilities that it is a bit nerve-wracking.  In the meantime we are finally getting lots of time with hubby (much spent playing Minecraft-– which we heartily recommend.)