Where We Are: January 1

We are exactly right here, right now. No more, no less.

We still have no idea what comes next financially. Judging from the lack of a check, probably not living in this house next year at this time. We both have projects we are working on (LOVING Shamus’ new project and can’t wait to share, especially since now I am working on possible illustrations for his book.) I have several small projects that will bring in a little money (though not much) which I am trying to finish in order to help pay the bills while we wait. We were blessed by another Whole Foods gift card from an old friend of Shamus’ family. It was a surprise and a blessing.

Frankly we are living on faith. This seems to be where the Lord is leading us. We are praying every step of the way and it is an adventure to say the least.

I am spending more time in prayer and reading once again. This is a good thing. Actually a friend recently mentioned listening prayer (you should pause and go read that post anyway, I love that post), which I used to be much more diligent about but it has fallen to the wayside in the craziness of this last year. This was a much needed reminder. Because the family now reads and prays together daily I have gotten lazy and allowed my own personal times with Him dwindle to nothing. So that has got to change and so far it has and God is blessing my times with Him in lovely ways.

I am also trying to learn rudimentary Hebrew for a project.  My brain is full.

Shamus is keeping up on his writing despite his lack of pay for said writing.   I am proud of him and his integrity.  He is also working on the book I mentioned above and various other projects that are exciting.

The kids are into various projects.  Esther spent much of Sabbath playing Wow with Shamus, Issac is very into Age of Empires II, and Rachel is reading Lord of the Rings.

You will notice that I have changed my sidebar.  A while back I quit using google ads– I don’t get that many page impressions and don’t like having ads I don’t necessarily stand behind.  I am giving it another go only because every little bit helps and as much as I love the company I had ads for I hadn’t earned anything from those ads–not a penny in 2 years.

And now it is back to work for me.