Weekend Blessings

Thursday the girls designed their own tabletop roleplaying game using Issac's Micro machines, dice, costumes, and whole lot of paper. It had Queen Amadala and space pirates and some other thing I can't remember. They spent several hours figuring out the rules then several more playing.

This weekend has been full of amazing God things.

  • Family friends were having some serious issues which we spent Friday praying over which He worked out in a miraculous way.  It will be a journey to healing for them but the outcome was amazing and all God.
  • Friday I did a little work for a friend and not only did she pay me but sent me home with a bag full of clothes for Rachel, including some hoodies and jeans–both much needed since Rachel’s favorites have a giant hole plus a small gift for her for her birthday which she LOVED.
  • After a week of trying to get back into God’s will (last weekend we got all messed up and it took all week to fix the mistakes made) things got all back in order and we were able to pay a big bill looming over us.
  • Saturday morning we were blessed with a donation from a reader of both my site and my husbands–thank you!!!
  • I got paid for a big job I have been working on even before I finished the job, which is nice and will pay a few bills.
  • Another bag of clothing was on our porch, full of things that will fit Rachel, Esther, and I (several of which were needed), plus several really cute purses/bags which which will replace some that had been loved to pieces.
  • On Sunday the kids decided suddenly that they all wanted to go with my mother-in-law to her Sunday School (and church though they go for the Sunday School).  They haven’t gone in over a year, I think.  They had fun and Issac was very excited because he got his own Bible.   (I love that they buy large print NKJV instead of children’s Bibles for them (which always have small fonts and are hard to read and navigate.)  He had it out and followed along during todays Bible reading (Numbers) which was exciting since usually he is distracting everyone with noise.
  • We visited my grandmother as usual today.  The kids had Pizza Hut Book It pizza’s so Grandma took us to Pizza Hut so they could use them up.  (They like the free pizza though they each read quite enough regardless.)  So that was fun.  Plus we saw an amazing change  in the visit as a whole as God has been working on my (and therefore the children’s) attitude.
  • Grandma gifted us with money for our anniversary plus money for gas– all very helpful.  She also gave us a 24 pack of toilet paper–which is awesome because we were OUT.
  • She got the kids each a long sleeved t-shirt.  Issac loved his and the girls had to take theirs back for a smaller size but were excited that they could get matching shirts.
  • I was able to pick up all the groceries we needed for $24 at Walmart, which says so much for how God has been providing.
  • Rachel very sweetly used her own money to replace my bag of craisins –she had gone kind of crazy one day and eaten the entire thing.  I had been disappointed because I only use a few on top of my salads or with almonds.  Anyway, she had snuck off and used her new paypal debit card to buy them herself.  She was so excited to have this new experience. 🙂
  • We were gifted with a gallon of raw milk.  The family we get milk from sent it home with friends for us.  I am so excited because we haven’t had the funds to make the 2 hour round trip, nor for the milk if we managed to get there and we have really been missing it.
  • When I picked up the milk I was also given a 5lb bag of kamut (which I love–it makes great crackers and noodles.)
  • We were also given a pile of dresses that had been given to her that were way too big for her daughter.  When we got home and looked through there were things there that both girls could wear and were excited about.

We still don’t know what God is up to but He is providing, daily, and it is amazing to behold.  In fact, we have enough to buy Shamus’ medicine out of pocket (no insurance) just as he runs out tomorrow.  We also have enough to pay some bills that have been waiting to be paid.  It is all very exciting and the kids are really into seeing what God is going to do next (so are we for that matter.  Everyday is an adventure!)