Gaps Diet: Day 12 (I think)

So far it has been interesting.  The kids are doing well with it and have been able to easily add in various foods.  It also helps that when we leave the house (for instance visiting Grandma who likes to take us out to eat each week) we all just eat what is offered to us (as long as it isn’t something we were severely allergic to before) with our enzymes.  Rachel and I especially attempt to keep to the tdiet but don’t feel stressed if we can’t.

That said, I am actually going back to the beginning of the intro to start over as I have learned some more about how to do it and what works best.  I can now tolerate a little egg and almonds as well as several fruits without enzymes (the egg especially is pretty huge since I have been severely allergic to eggs for 12 years.)  I am hoping that by going back to the beginning and doing things right I will heal the whole way and be able to have eggs completely as well as poultry, which would be a blessing for our budget.

The kids are doing really well– both Esther and Issac no longer have any eczema and are feeling much better in general.  Health issues that they have always had seem to have passed with this.  Rachel has not had a single SJS flare-up since going on the diet– which is amazing since she had had a really bad winter and was getting sick constantly.  The typical runny noses and other seasonal stuff that they usually get this time of year when not on the candida diet are nonexistent despite having more sugar (lots of bananas and mangos lately.)

We have also experimented a lot and come up with some really fun foods.  Yesterday Rachel made really cute spring muffins with banana, almond butter, and egg in a shaped pan my stepmom’s mom sent us.  We have been having lots of  squash, almond butter, and egg pancakes as well as pancakes made from the same mix Rach used for her muffins.  Zucchini noodles were a hit though butternut squash is the current favorite aside from the pancakes.  I have made almond milk and almond flour which we also use to make a bread.  My personal current favorite go to is guacamole and the banana avocado pudding that we all love.  I can’t wait to get the coconut I ordered since it will mean a lot of new things I can make.

I am really looking forward to adding more things to the list as well as me being able to eat all of it.  It is really nice to be able to eat without enzymes after 7 years of having to have them every meal– which is really pretty expensive.