GAPS Diet Resources

We have some seen some huge improvements health wise.  I am taking way fewer supplements for my RA (after three days I have only had cod liver oil daily plus 1 msm due to slight swelling from rain and hormones).  I have been MUCH more productive and had a ton of energy (not during die-off but the rest of the time.)  The kids moods have also been much better (except when they react to something or have die-off then they really struggle as do I.)  Rachel has not had a single SJS episode despite some exposure, which is amazing.  The other kids’ eczema is completely cleared up — both Esther and Issac.  Known digestive issues (constipation and others) are greatly diminished (and gone in some cases.)  We have also been able to eat quite a few new foods without enzymes (the list was pretty short before.)  So it is helping though it is hard and rather expensive (though no more expensive than the enzymes with each meal– so we are hoping if we can cut out the enzymes completely our food bill will be much cheaper –or at least stay the same with the price of food rising).  That said it is still HARD but the kids are enjoying having more sweet stuff whereas before with the candida diet we had to REALLY limit anything with lots of carbs to keep from getting sick.  And all three still want to stick with it so that is definitely something (Rachel has even used her own money to go get eggs, squash, and bananas because we had no money to get them (waiting on our tax refund which is finally in the bank but processing–should, God willing, get us through the next few months.)  We are so excited to see what God is doing through this diet– it looks like some real healing is going on.

If you are thinking about giving the diet a try there are tons of great resources and lots of people who have already done it or are in the midst of it.  So here is a list of the resources I have found most useful (there are plenty more.)

Websites about the diet (these sites include the protocol as well as food lists):

People doing the diet (there are tons more, these are the two I read):

Yahoo groups:

And of course there is the book, which I don’t own because I can’t afford it but which would be an excellent choice if you can (as well as some support and cookbooks.)