GAPS Update

The GAPS diet continues.  Definitely more healing going on– we can now eat apples in the house when Rachel is home without her getting horribly sick.  This is near miraculous as previously just the leftover smell of apple having been in the house would trigger her SJS.  I can get away with eating a bit of omelet or pancake and possibly more though I am being careful and taking it easy with the egg.  This is exciting as I haven’t had egg for 12 years or so.  Esther and Issac have been able o get away with all sorts of foods, in fact Esther had a bit of corn by mistake (remember grain free diet, but it was a drink and we forgot) and not only did she not immediately projectile vomit (which she has done as soon as corn touches her lips without enzymes since birth, but she didn’t really get sick.)  We are nearly to full gaps though carefully introducing things as we can, and being very careful of the foods we knew were a problem before.

It is still tricky and the policy of letting the kids eat whatever they can when out of the house might have to go to the wayside since the girls got REALLY sick after eating pizza 2 Sundays ago.  They were already run down from eating a whole lot of not so great stuff the night before, their immune systems were knocked out because die-off and several other factors and BAM, they both ended up with full on strep, though it didn’t follow the typical course and getting immediately back on the diet they healed quickly though they retain the scratchy throats and swollen (though not red) tonsils.  Lots of zinc, vitamin C, cod liver oil, and echinacea combined with sleep, neti pot, garlic, and gargling with hot salt water throughout the day (and just finally got a hold of colloidal silver which should finish it off quickly.)   So, we will see in the future and make choices based on how healthy they are and how bad the die off is.

It is especially interesting that both of them only had a fever for a short time and that the rest of us didn’t get it.  but we have found the same in the past– if our immune systems are in good condition then we don’t get it, regardless of how contagious it is.