The Daily Blather

My brain is not doing so well as far as coming up with posts– frankly we are just too busy living.  So here is a cross section of what we are up to:

We spent the day running errands, going to the library (where we got some awesome book and audio books, including a Diana Wynne Jones) and got to go to the park for the first time this year.  We brought along Esther’s best friend -we called spontaneously as we were driving by her house.  I love that her mom, Rachel’s pinano teacher, is as spontaneous as I am and happily agreed that she could go along.  It was windy and chilly despite the supposed 65 degrees though it did get nice and warm when the sun peaked through the storm cloud dominated sky.  I love having kids that are old enough to play at the park on their own whole I sit in the warm minivan and read my library book.  They managed to get muddy via mud puddles and creek plus they explored a fallen tree and all the old fountains at the park.  (I forgot my camera and though my cell has some photos they are hard to get to.)  We got to explore both the purple park and the lower (gazebo) park because we had to leave for a bit (someone had to use the restroom so we ran to Big Lots and picked up some snacks too.)  After that we headed down to the smaller Alameda park where the kids climbed around and had enjoyed the creek.  Rach sat in the car with me as she is still pretty run down after being sick so we read our books and watched some Larpers preparing to play.  It was actually pretty awesome and Rach was tempted to go talk to them to see if she could get involved since that is one of her dreams and we didn’t even know there was a group in the area.  I am sure there are more but I actually recognized several of the people from the comic book store.

We stopped at the thrift shop where we found the original Clue game– which we played over and over when we got home.  LOVE that game.  We also found a Lego Harry Potter Night Bus still in it’s plastic bag for $.49 which is awesome.  Also we found Esther some much needed tennis shoes, Rach an awesome skirt (she is like me and lives in skirts–her sister?  not so much, except for in the summer.)  I found something for me as well but now I can’t remember what it was.  Oh, but I found my husband an awesome hat at Kohl’s (where I had one of those $10 gift cards they send out.)  I spent $4 which is more than I usually do with those but it looks awesome and I had promised him a hat after PAX, because we are also a hat wearing family. 🙂


We also managed to mail out a pile of things that had been waiting to go.  Of this I am proud–I am bad at remembering to mail things.  Our post office is awkward to get to though we have a sweet little post things place where we love the owner and this time, because my brain was on backwards, we ended up using both the main post office AND visiting Miss Josie who when the kids were small would let them help her box things.

I am working on another painting– based on the  18th photo down on Melissa’s post here.  Aren’t her photos wonderful?  When my own photos run out of interest I have a habit of turning to hers for something to paint, and that one is gorgeous.  I am thinking of doing partial color so that should be fun.  I am taking photos as I go and you can keep up with them here at my Facebook page.  I didn’t get anything done on it today because we were gone all day but I did get the masking on last night– which the kids think is funny because the liquid friskit I use is bright orange (you use it to mask out the white in watercolors) so the painting looks freaky.  Will post a photo of it to the Facebook page when I get the next layer don e and can post both photos.

We are celebrating our first Passover this week– it has been an interesting experience which I will relate in another post.