Review of Morrocco Method hair care products

Just before Rachel’s trip I was contacted by a sales person from asking if we would be willing to review some of their hair care products (it caught my attention unlike most of the product review requests I get because the sales person was awesome and bothered to read my site enough to know who we were and write an email full of geek references. She just asked us to review the products she sent and a few days after I ordered we received a package with the full size haircare products. She also contacted us to make sure we received the products, helpe dus choose which would suit our needs most, and told us to contact her if we needed any  other hair help. Excellent customer service.) The products are raw, gluten-free (important for those who are actually really sensitive to gluten- we have friends who are as sensitive to gluten as Shamus is to animal dander), and wild crafted (they are also vegan if that is important to you.) They have a lot of great information on detoxing and growing in hair including how-to videos (would have been helpful when we first tried henna-ing.) Because their ingredients are all simple and up front it was easy to avoid the things Rachel is allergic to when purchasing.

As you likely know we generally stick with no hair care products due to allergies and cost. We also usually keep it super simple and can’t be bothered to fuss with hair except for occasional color. I cut all of our hair and when we need hair care stuff I usually make my own. She wrote at the right time though. Rachel and Es have gone through a phase where they are pretty tired of homemade products and want to try other things. Rachel had also had her hair dyed and the results, though cool looking, were pretty hard on her hair. 

1167439_10200548810264464_351703214_oRachel’s hair was bleached and dyed. When we bleached it a section of it got over-processed and basically had the consistency of straw. It was horrible. She was getting a giant dreadlock in the back of her hair every morning when she woke up.  For a  while she debated whether to just go ahead and dread her hair (until she realized it would mean none of her hats would fit. ) When she took her trip we braided it all over so she wouldn’t have to try to detangle it every morning.  When she got back home our package from Morrocco Method had arrived and she gave it a go. I had ordered Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer and Euro Natural Oil Conditioner & Moisturizer for her to try.

“At first my hair was so tangled my brush got caught in it every time I tried to brush my hair.  After I used the oil and the conditioner spray  on it my hair was super soft and I could run my fingers through it easily. It was wonderful.”

The Diamond Crystal Mist Conditioner & Moisturizer is a thin mist so it is super light instead of traditional heavy conditioners. I was surprised how much it actually did. It worked like a detangler but also softened the hair. Rachel pointed out it smells like our local incense shop but the smell is light enough that it isn’t overwhelming. The oil was unscented and works similar to a hot oil treatment but without the heat- just rub in a little and it softens the hair and detangles it.

9918263695_8e10e1c7b8_bEsther’s hair is short and “anime style”.  It is dyed with henna and she specifically asked me to cut it in “anime style”. When we were picking out things from Morrocco Method she asked for some proper styling gel (we had attempted to make our own from aloe gel, which was okay but not awesome.) And of course dragons so we got  Blood of the Dragon styling gel. She loved it. Her hair is naturally curly in places and she just wanted something to  bring that out. It did  just enough without her hair being super stiff.

I had also ordered the Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Therapy for myself. I still do a lot of detox baths/soaks and I know from past experience that I love bentonite powder and green clay for detox but had never used them on my hair and scalp. This stuff was like those but had added minerals and was wonderful. After use my hair was super soft and my scalp, which gets itchy when I get exposed to certain foods or have an allergic reaction to something, felt so much better.

Will we keep ordering from the site? I am not sure. The products are really high quality and we really liked them but they are pretty pricey. I do think that next time we order henna we will get it through them and I am tempted to get more of the Zen Detox. The other products we ordered do get used often but we need so little that I am not sure when and if we will reorder. After regular use both the oil and spray are still pretty full, the hair gel is not used that often because Es seldom leaves the house. If she asks for more we will definitely consider it. I am awfully tempted to order some of the soaps they carry- the oatmeal lavender soap sounds wonderful.

I am pretty impressed with the quality of service and of the products. I would definitely prefer ordering from them than buying off the shelf at the health food store- the ingredients lists are straightforward and made of actual real things instead of chemicals.