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Simple Woman’s Daybook Nov. 10

For Today… November 10, 2008 (click the above picture to read more Simple Woman Daybook entries by other women)

Outside my Window… Is a ground covered in golden leaves and snowflakes.
I am thinking… that I am glad the car is finally in to be repaired–have been nearly two weeks sans car waiting for this appointment.
From the learning rooms… The kids went on a math kick and did a whole slew of math problems is a variety of math books.  They have also gotten into The Voyagers! through Netflix.  We also did a craft show on Sat. where the kids took wares that they had bought materials for and sold.  They did better than mom or I.
I am thankful for… My hat and fingerless gloves–brrr.
From the kitchen… Kids are drinking homemade hot cocoa and eating cocoa wheats.
I am wearing… My Needs more cowbell hoody, jeans, slipper socks, ankle  boots, grey fingerless gloves, and my fleece beret.  Brr.
I am reading… tweets, blogs, and the Bible (sounds like a book name doesn’t it. :))  No books going on right now as I have not had a car to go get any.

I am hoping… that the mechanic will be able to fix everything on the car for relatively cheap.  He is awesome and a problem solver who likes to do things the best and cheapest way insea of the expensive way.  I really like this guy and he does good work.

I am creating.. a pile of blog posts (my poor blog has been neglected) some more Christmas cards, a bunny painting.
I am hearing… the kids eating (ding, ding as their spoons hit their bowls.)  The fan (hubby likes a fan blowing to drwon out noise.)
Around the house… relatively clean other than the kitchen which got backed up because the dishwasher wasn’t functioning properly–all fixed (cleaned it out).
One of my favorite things… fingerless gloves.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…

Not much planned–clean the kitchen, get to Frankferd Farms when we get the car back.  Should post some more Christmas cards to Etsy.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Daybook for Sept. 22


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is a cool, foggy, grey day, but no couch!!!! WOOHOO! A young man from the local Christian college came and go tit  and the chair yesterday!

I am thankful that…the couch is gone and we can get started on redoing the floor, Shamus’ eye, which has been red and swollen since we went out on Saturday evening is clearing up, I finally got around to doing an Etsy store, we got to go out on a date Saturday night–Chinese, no kids, we finally figured out (I think) what is trigger Rach’s SJS style reaction at home (the very old carpet), I am making several cards a day to post at the store, that Issac asked to do church yesterday, that I have finally decided to stop spreading myself so thin and focus on the art meaning I will not be taking any new clients for web design.

From the kitchen…a fridge full of rice balls and vegetarian sushi rolls, veggie soup, red lentil curry, a freezer full of chopped and washed veggies ready for various meals, plus several loaves of homemade bread–yes I went domestic yesterday.

I am wearing…black yoga pants, too tight Faded Glory crew socks (word of warning, if you must buy faded glory socks, go a size bigger–they skimp on their material and the socks we bought last week for the whole family are ALL tight), a tank and a hoodie–it is CHILLY.

I am creating…customizable each individual greeting cards for my Etsy store.

One of the custom greeting cards I designed yesterday.

From the learning rooms… Rachel bought an electric typewriter with her hard earned money at a yard sale this weekend so she has been practicing typing by copying poems.  Esther has been using it and email to write her own poems (which I will share at a later date).  Esther and Issac tore apart our toaster, which died, yesterday while I cooked.  They learned all sorts of things and came and told me about each new thing.

I am going…to fix a website I just realized got broken in a transfer, cancel my web design domain name and hopefully do a few loads of laundry and make another card.

I am reading…a wonderful memoir told through stories and recipes that my friend Laurel sent me–this is what prompted me to cook and bake all day yesterday.

I am hoping…that Rachel isn’t going to get whatever is wrong with my husband’s eye (she catches things like that easily), to get all I want to get done this week, to start on pulling up the carpet as soon as Rach seems to be feeling better.

I am hearing…Rachel talk as she designs greeting cards beside me and my uhsband’s gun shots while he plays Tabula Rosa.

Around the house…work to be done.  Need to finish the laundry so I can start on the hall.

One of my favorite things…seeing my kids find new things to be enthusiastic about and running with them.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I want to begin tearing up the rug in the hallway so we can put down laminate flooring, work on Wednesday or Friday  for the antique appraiser/dealer I work with, prepare for the appraisal show we are involved in and which will be filmed on Sunday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing

Detail from the card I finished designing this morning.
Detail from the card I finished designing this morning.

My Daybook ~ September 8


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…is a rather warm, dry afternoon (yes I am late this week) with a bright red couch sitting in the middle of the yard.  Everything else is gone–still praying for the perfect person to see it and fall in love.

I am thankful that…the rest of the furniture is gone from our front yard and that I know God has a plan for our poor beautiful couch.

From the kitchen…is a mess.  We are moving the desk out so we have someplace for the china closet when we paint the living room.  Yeah, we are painting the living room–all that open space is inspiring.

I am wearing…Old Navy shorts and top and Rockport Hiking tennis shoes–all thrifted of course.

I am creating…a new look for the living room, and the hall, and the kitchen, and the girls room.  Yeah, I am nesting or something. That happens a few times a year and my poor hubby just smiles and nods.

From the learning rooms…

Both girls finished writing their books, Issac has been reading to me nightly.  I got the kids a “math kit” from the school supply clearance at Target and Rach has been going about making charts and graphs–and insisted on getting 2 books on charts and graphs out of the library, yes, nonfiction books on different sorts of charts and graphs, on her own, because she wanted them.  Um.  Yeah.  She has also been helping me figure out the area of the living room and hall so we can get laminate floor and paint the walls of the living room.  Essie has been helping me paint her “new” desk, mixing colors to make the perfect robins egg blue. She has been reading, as usual, and is excited that we got the Bunnicula series on cd to listen to.  Issac is waiting for them to finish watching Eloise  (bought for $1 at the library) so he can watch his natural disasters video (also bought for $1 at the library).

I am going…to move some more furniture around and laer move the couch to the garage so it doesn’t get rained on.  Also working on 2 seperate wiki’s for the new unschooling site, plus need to do some more organizing and gleaning of articles for the site: Christianunschooling.com.  So far it is going well. 🙂

I am reading…some new books I got from the library (A Gail Carson Levine plus a compilation of King Arthur stories–an old passion of mine.)  Also reading the new Lucky magazine and the IKEA catalog. 🙂  We are eventually going to need a new couch. 😉

I am hoping…to finish painting the desk and move it upstairs so I can get to work on moving furniture in the living room.  Also hoping to figure out the wiki site so I can start posting to it.

Around the house…The girls are watching old videos from the library while Issac plays webkinz and in the tent in his room.

One of my favorite things…is installing a new program and it is WORKING!  Woohoo!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Working on Wednesday for the antique appraiser I occasionally help out.  I am going to be working once a week for her–which will hopefully pay for redoing the floor in the living room.  Work on the wiki’s some more, gets things sorted out on the new site, etc. etc. etc.  Nevermind all that, I really just want God’s will for this week, we will see what that is.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

James took each of the kids out on the motor boat–this is right before he turned it on and suddenly she was way above the water shrieking.

Daybook, Sept. 1

Hosted by Peggy at Simple Woman

For Today…

Outside my Window...is going to be hot but right now is still sunny and cool.  The leaves are starting to change and fall.  Fall is coming fast around here.

I am thinking…that last week was so busy and full of going that I want to stay home all week this week–but I can’t, and there is so much to do here at my computer.

From the learning rooms…Rach is still writing her book–she is finally “getting” spelling, on her own, because she wants to and is therefore very proud of it.  Esther is now writing a book as well, and showed it to us yesterday.  Issac read aloud from the Bible at church yesterday (we home church) after his sisters did, he was SO PROUD!

I am thankful for…my husband’s new desk–still another trip to IKEA to come as we slowly finish getting things in the office set up but it is getting here and he is happy.  Also thankful for a week full of friends.  God provided multiple interactions with friends last week and now I am thoroughly worn out and reminded that I am an introvert and need to recover after so much chatter–which is why I have been out of words here at the blog.  No wonder God has provided that ALL the friends I WOULD get together with on a regular basis are out of state so I can’t try and don’t wear myself and the kids completely out with constat coming and going.

From the kitchen…is nothing–it is grocery week and we are out of a lot.

I am wearing…my walking things–I haven’t changed yet.

I am reading…nothing–time for a trip to the library.  Well, I am reading the Bible–in the chapter of Exodus talking about the preparation for the building of the tabernacle and how God provided not only the skilled workmen but also everything needed above and beyond and am being reminded that He will provide as needed for each project in the future.

I am hoping…to get the Christian unschooling site up and running this week–at least with SOME content though since I have over-interacted I have not had words left to write or even to gather the other writers together.  Good thing things are on God’s time schedule and not my own.

I am creating…a website with info and articles for Christian unschoolers/relaxed/eclectic home schoolers, with the help of some friends.

I am hearing…cicadas and the hum of my husbands lighted bubble water thing (never mind, I can’t explain.)

Around the house…the kids are still asleep–need to get them waking earlier so I can go to bed earlier.
One of my favorite things… is a clean inbox (I just cleaned both of mine so they are organized. I have been unable to find needed information for too long and it is driving me insane.)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… do my monthly grocery run to Trader Joes, and GNC, and Frankferd Farms, visit our out of town friends who are in town till Thursday one more time, get together with family, play at the pond, work on new website, get girls websites up and running.

Also, tomorrow is Tuesday Prompt for those who need a creative jump start.  🙂  I mad eit for myself but you are welcome to join in. 🙂

We are on week 2.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Random strangers at the beach behind Issac’s sand castle and sand toys.  Love the father-son sweetness, plan to make a painting of it down the road.

Daybook for August 25

Hosted by Peggy

For Today…

Outside my Window…Is a cool fall-ish sort of day with bright sunlight and cool air.
I am thinking…that I REALLY do not want to go out today, really, really. And I really should, but might wait till tomorrow just because I REALLY don’t want to.

From the learning rooms…Hmm, even though we home school we don’t use a “learning room” because we don’t school in the traditional manner.  But, lets see, Rachel is still writing a book–it is slow going because she has struggled so hard with her dyslexia and lack of short term memory for symbols, and large dose of bperfectionism–not a good combo but it is teaching her to spell, and she has chosen to use a curriculum to help her figure out key parts of a fictional story, like story arc, etc.  The curriculum is 8th grade and she is only 10 but she is happy with it so no arguments from me.  Esther is, as usual, reading constantly, and suddenly very into science and science experiments.  She is also designing her website with multiple plans for its use.  Issac is on a science kick as well and experimenting constnatly with air flow and hot and cold.  And he just found a cool thing on Crafty Crow he wants to make.
I am thankful formy hubby–his 37th birthday was yesterday!
From the kitchen…mess, haven’t felt like cooking much so the kids have been doing their worst and the kitchen and everything in it needs a good organizing.
I am wearing…the clothes I walk in–oga pants, tennies, and wrap around t-shirt.
I am reading…Jan Karon’s A Light in the Window–rereading it.  Found it recently at the thrift shop just when I needed something good–I give all my Jan Karon’s to my neighbor who loves them.  Next up is a biography of Renoir.
I am hoping…to start working on my illustration portfolio (ACK!).  My 2008 Children’s  Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market book just came.  Rather scary.
I am creating..A website for Christian Unschoolers.  Yes, really.  And if you are a Christian unschooler/relaxed schoolerecclectic schooler and are interested in writing for the new, group site leave me a comment.  I am also working on sites for both my girls who want to write about different things, and working on the book hubby and I are doing together.  Plus my portfolio.
I am hearing…Issac interrupt me constantly with questions about materials for his project, cars go by, and fans hum (the house was super hot for no reason so we opened up and let the fans blow the cool air in.
Around the house...laundry to do, lots of it.
One of my favorite things..is watching Dr. Who with the kids.  All three love the new Dr. Who so it is our new evening thing to do together.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week..return the brand new totally broken headset/mic to Target, go visit grandma, put a check a generous friend sent in the bank (thanks Danielle–I go it), get the school site up and running, get the kids sites presentable/usable.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Daybook August 18


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is the beginning of a scorcher, after a few weeks of 70 degree highs.

I am thinking…that maybe I am getting in over my head by joining Myartspace.com.  “Artists” tend to look down on those they feel don’t represent “true” art–I know because I look at my own work and feel that it isn’t what I want it to be as an artist, as an illustrrator it is fine, but the word “artist” and the culture attched, nope it doesn’t fit.  The art field is not  a sweet and gentle place and I am nervous to be shoving my nose in someplace where I feel I cannot quite fit in.

I am thankful that…the weather has shifted requiring the ac to be on–my joints are so much happier now.

From the kitchen…is a mess waiting to be dealt with.

I am wearing…my workout clothes–hubby woke me early this morning so we could walk together–this is what we do in the fall and is one of my favorite things.

I creating…a just for fun comic of what I was ding 10 years ago, for a meme of sorts,  a illo for my book, some more decorating ideas for my girls’ roo with their two very different tastes.  (The good news is we found quilts they both love that match perfectly–bad news is they are $40 each and hubby and I REALLY need a new quilt.)

I am going…to celebrate my and my husband’s birthdays this week. 🙂

I am reading…nothing–still need to get to the library, last weeks book was a propaganda filled dud.

I am hoping…to get out with hubby sans kids this week.

Around the house…relatively clean (vacuumed yesterday.)

One of my favorite things…Is time to paint WITH my music on.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Knock some things off the to-do list I have on the wipe-off board by my desk, the list is huge and I hate lists.  Plus I need to make some money as I have a few things that really want to buy, plus I know what I want to get the girls for birthdays and Christmas and need to save money so I can get them.  Tomorrow I am planning to release a new personal meme, a cretive prompt of sorts, because I need one on Tuesdays and am not happy with the sort that others have out there, so stop by tomorrow to see what I have in mind.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

Daybook, Aug. 4


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…The sun is beginning to set.

I am thinking…that I am o glad to be home–the trip was awesome but the drive home today was exhausting, what with this head cold/allergies/sinus infection whatever i managed to get.

I am thankful for…our home, for good friends and wonderful fun, for God’s provision.

From the kitchen…is nothing–we are out of nearly everything.  Tomorrow the store.

I am wearing…The clothes I drove home in–I want to change but hubby is asleep in the bedroom and I don’t want to wake him.

I creating…nothing yet–I have an idea in the back of my head for a painting but it will have to wait till my head clears.

I am going…to sleep as soon as I get the kids to bed.

I am reading…nothing  except all the emails, mail, and posts everyone did while I was gone.

I am hoping…that our second hermit crab will live (the first one didn’t make it home.)

I am hearing…the fan and whiny children getting ready for bed, and Rachel coughing–she feels pretty rotten as well.

Around the house…is much that needs dealt with.  The car full of our luggage, random stuff that needs dealt with, laundry to do.

One of my favorite things…is that we got to see not only our friends which we usually visit, and the ocean , but we also got to hang with fellow Christian unschooling blogger, Deb and her wonderful kids! It was wonderful but more on that when my brain is functioning again.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Lots of rest, laundry, grocery shopping and a trip at the end of the week to see a preseason Steeler’s game.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

Daybook: July 21


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…Is a yard sale waiting for the right time to open.  It is supposed to rain and it got rained on  once already but I am intending, God willing, to open it as I can and hopefully get rid of some more stuff throughout this week.  I am determined not to worry about it–I figure yesterday two people stopped and bought stuff, including the dresser I was determined to get rid of and I wasn’t even open–so God can bring all the right people and get rid of my stuff in His time.

I am thinking…of all that I need to do this week if we are to go, God willing, on vacation next week.  It is still up in the air–lots of money issues that keep springing up (like the webserver payment being due and one of hubby’s pay checks not going through as expected and incurring fees for bouncing because of it–they say they will remove the fees when the check goes through–sigh.

I am thankful for…God’s timing.  It has been arough week and this one promises to be interesting but everything is falling into place and I am trusting in God’s faithfulness and omnipotence.

From the kitchen…a mess that needs dealt with before we leave.  We have a list (yes, I –the list hater, made a list of what needs done and it is hanging on the fridge so the kids know what to do.)

I am wearing…boys cargo shorts and my daughters tank–she hated it and put it in the yard sale and I thought it was cute and tried it on–it fits perfectly and is adorable.  Happy me.

I creating…a pile of dirty laundry.  With all that has been going on the laundry has gone undone and NEEDS finished before we leave.  I will probably do some paintings in there someplace this week but for now the laundry pile is my ulltimate creation.

I am going…to have to go to the library to return the Lord of the Rings cds the kids have finished and pick up the next for our trip.  Also, God willing, will take the  check to the bank today–if it comes, so we can sort out this financial mess we are in.  I hate this place–we have money, and more coming, and if people would pay when they say they will we would be fine.

I am reading…The Little Lame Prince to the kids.  I finished the stash I got from the thrift shop–which was dumb because now I have no books to take on vacation.

I am hoping…that it is God’s will that we take this vacation.  It is completely in His hands and He has some things to tie up before we can go.

I am hearing…the sound of the kids actually working on things on the list without temper tantrums, the fan, and my own typing on my newly returned keyboard (hubby borrowed it and left me with a stupid one that is famous because he wrote a post about it.  In fact the post got 81 comments!)

Around the house…is much work being fdone without whining and complaining.  I am happy.

One of my favorite things…a peaceful house, praise the Lord.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, car, back yard, laundry, yard sale, packing, library, bank,. etc

Here is picture thought I am sharing

My boy.

Daybook July 14, 2008


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…the sun is shining and the trucks are buzzing by at 20 miles over the speed limit.

I am thinking…about the painting I need to finish for the book and the new wbsite and how to make some more money for our upcoming vacation.

I am thankful for…good friends who are willing to listen to me ramble on about a new website I am working on and all the stuff I am doing and help me get focused on the important stuff.

From the kitchen…I hear a giant mess calling my name saying, “Please come pay attention to me.”

I am wearing…boys cargo shorts and my current favorite t-shirt.

I am creating…another page for the bunny book and the logo and sidebar stuff for a new website.

I am going…nowhere, I hope.  I don’t want to leave the house today though I hear the library calling my name.

I am reading…an old favorite: Thornyhold by Mary Stewart.  I have always loved Mary Stewart and this book is one I have read a zillion times and still reread because I can read a bit and walk away with all my favorite bits still in my head.

I am hoping…to get the site theme done and start organizing material for the new website, to send out an email getting a feel for possible interest in a local art class, getting the laundry done and the kitchen clean, and a zillion other things that aren’t likely to happen..

I am hearing…WOW–my husband is playing right behind me and his character is fighting some big monster.

Around the house…the kids are playing computer/video games and my son is nagging me to attack the basement bathroom.

One of my favorite things…is God’s perfect timing in everything–it is so wonderful and amazing and breathtaking.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:work on the basement, go to the library, go to the pond, finish several paintings, finish the new website theme and start writing posts.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Daybook: July 7, 2008


Hosted by Peggy @ The Simple Woman

Outside My Window... Is a lovely, sunshiney, beautiful day but my husband is sleeping nearby and so, the curtains are closed tight.

I am thinking…of all the balls I have in the air right now, and wondering at God for His timing–a new project has sprung up, with His blessing, at a time when I would not expect it.  It is exciting and right and I will see how God works it all out.

I am also thinking…that I need to figure out what it is that is giving my husband a migraine every time he sleeps in our bedroom–and no, it has nothing to do with me.  There is some allergen or trigger in there that is causing him great misery and we need to figure it out so he can stop sleeping in the office.  It took us forever to figure out that that was what was causing it (he has been having this problem for month and also has had it in the past 11 years we have been married.  It is a great challenge to my brain and will be interesting to figure out.

I am thankful for…work to do, the blessing of children, a peaceful household–so far today.:)

From the kitchen…I hear Rachel and Issac working at putting away the dishes.  There are big dishes that need washed as well –hopefully later today, and the floor needs swept, again, and I refuse to think about the kitchen right now.

I am wearing…stay at home clothes–black tank  and Old Navy grey workout shorts that I wore yesterday, no point in making more laundry, espercialy when I am staying home and don’t stink.:)

I am creating…several web sites–one of which is big and exciting and I can’t wait to share with you all.

I am going…towork on the painting I need to finish this week as soon as hubby is awake and I can have some light in here–almost halfway done–want to try to ship it Wednesday when I have a meeting about a different website.

I am reading…lots of books.  Just finished the latest Jan Karon book–a blessing from God at the perfect time, for 50 cents at the thrift shop–brand new.  Started reading a L. M. Montgomery  compilation but it was all orphan stories and too much is enough–will read it in small chunks so I can get the sweetness out of my mouth before taking another bite.  Also reading a compilation of Victorian Fairy Tales –an old love though a new book from the thrift shop–wish I knew who had fgotten rid of that huge pile of books that was EXACTLY my favorite reading material and a dream come true–I am sure that pwerson and I would get along fine, except for the fact that they GOT RID OF this wonderful collection of books.

I am hoping…to finish this painting, do another bunny painting, come up with a name for the new website, clean the house, get the laundry done, and figure out what is making my husband sick in our bedroom.

I am hearing…the fan and my typing–the kids are quiet because I just set them free to go do what they wanted because they got the ir few chores finished.

Around the house…I need to start the laundry and wash the sheets oin our room–maybe gut it and rearrange it and see if I discover something I have missed.

One of my favorite things… Books to be read, paintings to do, an evening of singing praise and worship with my children (last night.)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Meeting on Wednesday, visit my grandma, work on friends hard drive and order a new one, finish and mail painting as well as mail out a few other packages, go to the library.  Too much going and not enough staying home like I prefer.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

Under that swirl of water is the biggest Bass in the pond, the one that thought Esther’s finger was a hot dog, because well, he won’t eat fish food only hot dogs.  The one that my dad and brother has to lure away from the dock so the kids can swim without getting nibbled.  He is nearly 2 feet long and has been known to attack other fish who dare show interest in HIS hotdogs.