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The Eee PC and a new blog

As I have mentioned previously, we (meaning the entire extended family) got Essie for a combined Christmas and birthday present.  Because we wanted to get Rachel one as well we gave it to her for her birthday instead of waiting till Christmas.  We wanted to get a feel for it and decide if we wanted the same one or to change it a bit for Rachel’s (which she will get for Christmas since her birthday is after Christmas.)

One of Essie’s goals and part of the reason she wanted a laptop is that she has been writing stories on an old electric typewriter and really wanted to share them on a blog instead.  They had an old desktop machine but it is so much easier to write when you feel like it if you can take it with you though they can also plug it into a monitor, keyboard,  and mouse when they feel like it.  And so it has begun.  (Rachel has also started writing stories on the Eee PC instead of the typewriter and is loving the spell checker except that it doesn’t pick up all her misspellings.)

I promised Essie that I would share her new blog here so she could get comments (though I have it set that I get them first and that you have to register before you can comment for her safety–if I don’t recognize your email I will delete your account so if you aren’t sure email me first.)  And so, here it is, Esther’s new blog.  She helped design it and made the header herself.

Unschooling Photo Journal

With unschooling, fashion is only important if it is your passion.

There is plenty of time for concentration and imagination.

Daydreaming is key.

And carrying out those daydreams is part of the territory.

Learning starts in your own head instead of someone elses.

The world is your classroom.

And joy is a natural side affect.

Saturday Photohunt: Support

The dock and ladder provide excellent support for getting out of the pond without having to walk through the slime–especially when you are practicing all sorts of ways to jump in.

Even the big kids use it. 🙂

Of course there is also the support of the floaty bathing suits, which keep the kids safe in the deep water.

And sometimes you need the extra support a kick board will give.

More “Support” pictures can be found over at Tnchick‘s.